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I opened my eyes, sitting on the chair. First, I saw, it was squeaky old lamp on the green-yellow shelby I opened my eyes, sitting on the chair. First, I saw, it was sqweecky old lamp on the green-yellow shabby wall. Lamp shimmering 1 time per minute, annoying. Old wooden floor, and people, they were sitting on chairs and staring at me.

It was far in back, about 18000 years back. Before blust of planet, before moon, befor giants, pyramids, and us - humans. Lonely planet only with giant trees and primates. Perfect place for creation of everything we have now here. And us.

You - next generation. You think and your brain not clouded the false history, religion, drugs, fear. You are the future of this planet and it's your life, your freedom, your choice ...

Book of Max Azimov about love and hidden forces, which interference into life of both and bounce doomed halves. Plot follow reader to mystic story, reconstruction of world and the new social country.

"There is no such thing as death for me. I do not care what kind of body am i, i'm always going to advance. If i get sick, i'll heal myself. If got crazy, willpower will return my mind. No fall, because there is nowhere to fall. A happy eternity waiting for me…"

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